Build First Aid was created in 2023 with the goal of bringing life saving supplies to more people. Wheather you are building your own kit for the first time, upgrading your personal or professional kits, or just want access to more life saving knowledge Build First Aid is for you.

The idea came to us when we were trying to upgrade a first aid kit to meet some of the basic life support needs for an EMT provider and it cost over $200 to UPGRADE a kit. You can buy whole new kits for prices like that but those kits may not have the specific items you desire.

  • What We Offer

    Build First Aid aims to be a comprehensive first aid site. Not only will we offer affordable supplies and kits, but also offer access to other company's kits that are premade and top-tier quality. We believe that everyone should have access to the supplies needed to save a life regardless who they buy it from.

  • Is Quality Sacraficed by Low Prices?

    The cool thing about first aid supplies is that they are relatively inexpensive to make. We use the same suppliers that you may find on other big sites or companies, but we did not add on the 100% price increase like they did. Everyone should be able to afford buying life saving supplies and without a sacrifice of quality.

  • What Does "Comprehensive" Mean?

    For most people when thinking about first aid they only think about treating an injury. While this is correct, there is so much more. Here at Build First Aid we aim to offer not only first aid supplies but also basic survival equipment, where to get training, explanations about how things work, first aid kit lists, and much more. To us, "comprehensive" means a one-stop-shop where you can find anything you need to save a life.