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Don't sacrifice quality with trying to find cheaper first aid supplies. We use the same suppliers as other brands but without the 120% price hike most use. Shop quality AND affordable supplies that can save lives!

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Our aim is to provide low cost first aid supplies to both civilians and professionals alike. Whether you are building/buying your first kit or upgrading an existing one, we have supplies that will fit your needs! Not only do we sell the supplies you need to save a life but we also have a ton of information on where you can find official trainings on all levels from your first class to being a paramedic. We aim to be the one-stop-shop for all of your needs and research.

  • First Aid/Survival Supplies

    Looking to buy some extra bandaids or that first kit? Maybe you're an EMT looking to add some OPAs to your kit, we have you covered with our affordable first aid supplies and rescue equipment.

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  • Information Center

    What good is a tournaquet without knowing how to use it? Or maybe you are curious what you should have in your first aid kit. Find a ton of resources in our information center!

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  • Training Center

    Ready to take your starter first aid class? Or maybe you already know the basics and you're ready for your EMT? Take a look at our training center to see how those classes work, where to find them, and even how the higher education in pre-hospital medicine works!

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